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Magnificent – complex renovations in Warsaw
Armstrong ceilings / building services / finishing work


Experience is our asset. Magnificent is a thriving company that has been providing high-quality services continuously since 2010. We specialize in renovation and construction services (most often renovation of Warsaw offices and also Armstrong ceilings) as well as interior design and installation work.  A wide range of activities, competitive prices and a three-year warrantymake us a trusted partner throughout the construction process, from consulting and selecting the right project to finishing works. We use specialized equipment from leading manufacturers and high-quality materials that blend perfectly with modern design. The areas we renovate (offices, apartments, homes) are functional, durable and safe.

Magnificent operates throughout the Mazowieckie Voivodship, most often in Warsaw and its vicinity. The company achieved a particularly high level of professionalism in sections such as the renovation of offices in Warsaw and the modernization of apartments. The proficiency of our work combined with the constant search for better solutions allows us to undertake even unusual orders. Our company has civil liability insurance for its business activities at AVIVA for PLN 2,000,000.

Magnificent services include:

  • renovations and finishing works of offices, renovations of apartments
  • construction of single-family houses;
  • arrangement of office and residential areas
  • Armstrong ceilings and other ceiling installations
  • renovation and modernization of facilities
  • water and sewage installation
  • electrical installation
  • ventilation and air conditioning installation
  • consulting and construction supervision
  • please contact us by phone or email

Reliable solutions always with Magnificent

The construction industry has very specific requirements that only the best can meet. It is therefore worth pointing out the solutions that our company has developed in this regard. Magnificent stands for reliability that has gained the trust of a wide range of clients. We carry out many orders in the field of construction and renovation works, including the construction of single-family houses. We will also install highly-valued Armstrong ceilings as well as make efficient renovations of offices in Warsaw. They are gradually gaining more and more followers.
We ensure that each of our clients is fully satisfied with the final result of the orders placed with us. This results from our rich experience, but also excellent equipment and facilities for materials. The available feedback clearly shows that if you need Armstrong ceilings in Warsaw or other construction services, our offer is second to none. The same applies to other construction services. Please contact us – we will surely find a solution that meets your needs!
Professionally performed office renovations in Warsaw raise a lot of interest from clients who want high quality at an exceptionally good price. We carry out many orders, including those that are really complex and require the right technical facilities and competences. The respect given to the Magnificent brand in the capital is the result of intense work consisting of renovation and construction work as well as installation work for business and also individual clients.

Efficient office renovations in Warsaw – preferably with us!

Right now our company is one of the best-rated contractors on the Warsaw market. In addition to services related to the typical scope of construction and renovation works, we are among the leading specialists in the assembly and design of extremely durable and aesthetic suspended ceilings, which can be freely arranged and scaled. The renovation of offices in Warsaw, as well as of other facilities, is increasingly taking into account such projects.

Sample projects

Obok prezentujemy ostatnie usługi budowlane zrealizowane przez Magnificent. Remonty biur, instalacje sufitów Armstrong, prace demontażowe i więcej prac mogą Państwo obejrzeć w Galerii realizacji.

They trusted us: