Osiedle Green Park st. Malichy - budynek jednorodzinny dwulokalowy 2x179,41m2 cena 1.100.000zł brutto za lokal. SPRAWDŹ

Expanded metal (mesh) ceilings.

Modern suspended ceiling solutions are very popular around the world. There is also no lack of intriguing innovations such as expanded metal ceilings, which are popularly known as mesh ceilings. . Magnificent Warsaw is a company ready to meet all the needs of its clients. That is why our offer includes, among others, ceilings made on the basis of metal mesh, which has undergone special treatment. The effect? An aesthetic ceiling with a virtually unlimited range of design possibilities.

Mesh ceilings are a new trend in architecture

The importance of metal in modern construction is essentially undisputed. Practically at every step we come across buildings that use steel or aluminium in many different ways. When it is necessary to point at ceilings made of expanded metal, Warsaw has a number of examples of their use. Our company installs them in different cities, according to the expectations of our clients who want to enjoy a unique space.

Solutions that delight

We have a technical workshop to ensure that each project is at an excellent level and, importantly, is fully in line with the assumptions of world architecture.  We use proven materials, that can be used freely in multi-purpose construction. Magnificent’s expanded metal ceilings are a proposal for ambitious investors whose completed projects are to stand out from the rest. Expanded metal will certainly guarantee that.