Osiedle Green Park st. Malichy - budynek jednorodzinny dwulokalowy 2x179,41m2 cena 1.100.000zł brutto za lokal. SPRAWDŹ

Open cell (raster) ceilings

Magnificent services combine high quality with low prices. This means that we can count on a lot of positive feedback from clients all over Poland. When the investor’s goal is raster open cell ceilings, Warsaw it seems a natural place to look for them. That is true, but we can prepare it for clients from other cities and towns. We operate on a wide base, for the Polish market is expanding and the demand for solid construction and renovation services is growing steadily.

Light and extremely functional metal ceilings

Currently, open cell technology (or so-called raster ceilings) is being developed as a very interesting alternative to other suspended ceiling concepts. Open cell raster ceilings allow obtaining at a relatively low cost a non-flammable and heat-resistant ceiling that is resistant to high temperatures generated during fires. The open cell design also does not interfere with the different types of installations, giving you complete freedom in their installation and maintenance.

Quick installation as part of our services

Open cell raster ceilings are a type of construction that is being built at a fast pace,,which naturally is excellent news for clients. Magnificent is able to make a complete ceiling that meets the needs of the investor – both in terms of size and technical details. As far as aluminium raster ceilings in Warsaware concerned, not only the local market is showing a lot of interest in them. Our teams also work in other parts of Poland, where our client highly praise them.