Osiedle Green Park st. Malichy - budynek jednorodzinny dwulokalowy 2x179,41m2 cena 1.100.000zł brutto za lokal. SPRAWDŹ

Coffer/modular ceilings

A visually striking yet fully functional modular ceiling – Magnificent services make this an absolutely feasible option. If modular coffer ceilings appear to be an appropriate option, for someone, Warsaw is a good place to order them. It is worth noting, however, that our realizations can also be found in many other locations. We believe that the highest-quality construction and renovation services should be available to a large number of potential clients.

Excellent panel ceilings and much more

We specialize in offering clients in Warsaw and the surrounding area ceiling solutions of the renowned Armstrong World Industries brand, which is currently among the global leaders in providing elements for suspended ceilings and, more broadly, in suspension systems with a wide range of applications. When it comes to durability and stunning appearance of modular coffer ceilings, where you can see their quality in Warsaw and other cities where we provide services. Just contact our experienced team.

A ceiling that will delight you in durability and performance

At this time, all kinds of innovations related to ceiling construction are popular in Poland and around the world. Panel and modular mineral ceilings with excellent soundproofing and decorative properties are gaining enthusiasts without any surprise. Building on the technology of the recognized Armstrong brand, Magnificent is able to meet the needs of any investor with an ideal modular ceiling. You only have to decide on one of the options.

Modular coffer ceilings – price list

Installation of mineral ceilings with the supporting structure such as:

  • DONN,
  • OWA,
from PLN 30/m2
(without material)
Mounting of Armstrong ceilings with the supporting structure (with materials)from PLN 85m2
Installation of 60×60 coffer lamps or round lamp unitsPLN 45/each
Installation of decorative ceilings such as HeraDesign, Heraklith,to be agreed
Barrisol etc.upon